Will PV still work if the grid goes down?

Will PV still work if the grid goes down?

Jan 18, 2024

Conventional grid-connected PV systems usually stop working when there is a power cut in the grid. This is to protect the safety of

maintenance personnel and to prevent the PV system from injecting power into the grid. For example, if a crew on the grid is repairing

a line but is unaware that a PV system is operating, they may be at risk by thinking the line is disconnected. In addition, continuous

operation of the PV system could result in electricity flowing back into the grid, jeopardizing the safety of electrical equipment and users.

However, there are also systems called microgrids that can continue to utilize a PV system in the event of a grid outage. A microgrid is

a stand-alone power system consisting of multiple renewable energy generators (e.g., solar PV), energy storage devices (e.g.,

batteries), and loads. In the event of a grid outage, the micro-grid can continue to operate, providing power to internal loads without

relying on the main grid.

Yuli energy storage system, small micro-grid system application program schematic diagram

Yuli energy storage system can be grid-connected operation, the whole system is designed to favor plug and play, to improve the

flexibility and reliability of power supply; Yu Li energy storage system can also be used as a standby power supply, so when the grid

power outage of our home-type Yu Li energy storage system can still work normally to supply power to household loads。

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