Problem with unstable power supply? Yuli Energy helps you solve it

Problem with unstable power supply? Yuli Energy helps you solve it

Jan 15, 2024

Are you still worried about high electricity bills and sudden power outages? Will you feel extremely anxious and helpless when

encountering this situation? don’t worry! Yuli energy brings you - home energy storage system.

Yuli energy storage system provides you with all in one system for your home. Our products are designed with the inverter and

battery integrated into one, and the installation is very simple. It only requires simple stacking and assembly. At the same time, it also

saves installation costs. Yuli Energy is currently offering a discount event, and a 10kwh integrated energy storage system is only

available for $1,549.

Yuli energy storage system products have three major features:

1. Seamless switching of backup power

This is controlled by the UPS of the inverter, with no interval switching.So that you can work without power outages, without being



2. high capacity

All-in-one system specifications are available in 5KWh, 10KWh, 15KWh and 20KWh options. It can meet 95% of the daily household

electricity demand. You can choose the suitable model according to the household load. Each battery model has a high utilization

rate - up to 95%. It can stabilize the household electricity consumption and avoid the trouble caused by power failure.


3. Independent power generation system, environmentally friendly, more savings on electricity costs

Our home energy storage power supplies also support solar power systems. This means that you can convert solar energy into

electricity. During the sunny daytime, the solar power system provides you with electricity and can be stored in the energy storage

battery. It allows you to have a green source of electricity and save money on your electricity bill. At the same time, it is not affected

by the public power grid, which can ensure stable home electricity at any time.

Yuli Energy Storage System: Products include wall mounted batteries, low voltage stacking, high voltage stacking, all-in-one batteries,

portable batteries, etc. Perfect for homes with power outages, power shortages and emergency power usage. Whether it's for home

power, camping, or other emergencies. YuLi Energy can provide you with a stable and reliable power supply, so that you can get rid

of the power shortage.

Power outage? Worry no more! Yuli Energy storage systems are ready to support you! Say goodbye to the darkness of power

outages and embrace the brightness of hope by choosing one of our home energy storage systems! If you want to know more about

the energy storage system products as well as the price please contact us, we will provide you with programs and quotations.