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Sep 20, 2023

This is Yuli Technology, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to share with you some more case studies about our company in the field of home energy storage systems. Below, we will introduce two real-life cases to showcase the application effects of our home energy storage systems in different households.

Case One: Self-sufficiency in Home Energy

We collaborated with a family who lives in a small cottage located in a rural area. Due to the remote location, the power supply is unreliable, and frequent power outages often cause inconvenience. Therefore, they purchased a home energy storage battery from us. By understanding their actual electricity usage and financial situation, we provided them with a home energy storage system solution. As a result, their home can charge during the day and use the stored energy at night. This self-sufficient energy supply not only solves the problem of unstable power supply but also allows the family to experience a sustainable and green energy lifestyle.

Case Two: Efficient Use of Solar Energy

We collaborated with a couple who lives in a city apartment. Due to their high awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, they wanted to make the most of solar energy to meet their household's energy needs. We provided them with an innovative home energy storage system solution. The system consists of solar panels, intelligent storage devices, and a smart energy management system. The solar panels are installed on the apartment's balcony, collecting solar energy and storing the electricity in the storage devices. Through the control of the smart energy management system, the couple can efficiently utilize solar energy and store excess electricity for future use. They not only save on energy costs but also have a positive impact on the environment.

Case Three: Bringing Light to Rural Families

We provided a home energy storage system solution for a rural family living in a remote rural area with unstable power supply. This family consists of elderly people and children, and their lives depend on agriculture and traditional energy sources. We installed solar panels on the roof of their house and equipped them with high-capacity storage devices and intelligent inverters. With this system, the family can generate electricity from solar energy during the day and store excess power for nighttime use. This solution greatly improves their living conditions as they are no longer affected by unstable power supply and save a significant amount on energy costs.

Customer Feedback 1: The quality of life for the family has significantly improved. They mentioned that they used to suffer from frequent power outages, but now, with the home energy storage system, they can use electrical appliances with peace of mind. The children can also study and entertain themselves better, making the entire family's life more comfortable and convenient.

Customer Feedback 2: This family is very satisfied with the home energy storage system we provided and was surprised by the significant reduction in electricity bills. They witnessed the actual effectiveness of our system in saving energy costs and highly praised its stability and reliability.

These case studies and customer feedback fully demonstrate the practical application effects and advantages of our company's home energy storage systems. We firmly believe that home energy storage systems have vast market prospects and significant social value. We will continue to strive for innovation, providing high-quality and reliable home energy storage solutions to more households, and jointly promote the popularization and sustainable development of clean energy.