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Following the concept ofEnergy Built To Perfection' demands

Shenzhen Yuli Energy Technology Co, Ltd. is a leading Chinese company specializing in green energysystems. With our independent R&D capability, we have achieved remarkable results in battery celltechnology. We are also actively developing sodium-ion technology to provide a more cost-effectiveand eco-friendly battery for the future. Over the years, our products have been sold in the EU, UK,Southeast, Asia, South Africa, the U.S. and other countries and regions, YULl energy storage batterybring customer great using experience.


YULI Energy use fully automated production lines, ensure the quality by 19 automatic procedures and 8 strict inspections, YULI Energy have greatly improved the battery yield rate, which is 99.4% in our automated production line compared to 94% in the traditional manual production method! In addition, we also provide online production monitoring service, which greatly reduces the sampling time for customers.

YULI Energy always stands in the customer's point of view, and guarantees the price system. We independently research and develop battery cells, and reach strategic cooperation with reputable battery cell manufacturers to guarantee the price & quality of battery cells.  (5% less cost than other factories)